Website 2.0

Online communications are critical in this day of globalization and instant information. What people want to know and need to know is only a few clicks away. Therefore it is critical for companies like ours to keep current and timely with our online presence.

Unfortunately, we have not been as good at that as we should have. But that changes today.

We have updated and reworked our website to more accurately reflect the direction and growth of our business. Our work with governments and the military has seen a significant increase and that is reflected in the information that we have conveyed here. At the same time, we have not diminished our work with our business clients.

One of our goals when we created this website was to post timely news stories that touch on subjects that we are involved with and care about – culture, religion, human rights and international affairs. We grew complacent in our posting of current news and it became stale and dated. But that changes now.

We will be posting on a weekly basis up-to-date news stories that we think will be of interest and benefit to you, our readers. If you have comments and reflections on any of the news we post, we welcome your feedback. Just contact us through the “Contact Us” form.

More importantly, another goal we had was to share with you our opinions, insights, and feelings about international events and trends within our realm of expertise. In the past, we have posted several blogs, but they have not been frequent enough or impactful enough. Again, that changes now.

We will be posting on a weekly basis blog posts that speak to the issues we care about – and we assume you care about if you are reading our website. We will seek to be thoughtful and challenging, informative and provocative. We will endeavor to help you understand our minds and hearts on the matters we write about. We won’t follow the crowd, so don’t expect us to regurgitate hackneyed clichés. Our blogs will be real, transparent, and hopefully somewhat edgy with a dose of irony and whimsy on the side. Again, we welcome your observations and comments on what we post.

One of the things we want you to understand about LACUNA is what we are and what we are not.

We are not a sectarian, religiously-driven advocacy group. We are not a partisan, ideologically-driven nationalist political group. We are not a non-profit or an NGO.

We are a consultancy that is seeking to make the world a better place by helping governments, the military, businesses, NGOs and other groups address the yawning vacancy of attention and expertise devoted to matters of culture and religion in their operations. This gap is woefully real from our experience working in several countries and with many organizations.

The gap is what gave birth to our name – LACUNA – and our tag line – “Filling a void in world affairs”. (Read more about this on this website under the “About” tab.)

We hope that through this website, social media, and other mechanisms of communication that we can help inform and motivate you to engage with us to make the world a better place.

Let the change begin!